Want a Better Way to Lead Your Friends and Family to God?

Seven Lessons in Leading People to Life Change

Do you have friends and family members who have left the Church, have turned their backs on God, and want nothing to do with their faith?

I do. And I’m sure you do too. You love them and you want them to experience life change as you have—which you and I know comes only from living in relationship with Jesus Christ. So how do you get this message across to someone who doesn’t want to hear it? How do you share your faith with people in a way that will lead them to life change?

In my experience as a catechist and church leader I have learned many lessons which have served to teach me how to better fulfill my mission of leading people to life change. These lessons are what I want to share with you in my new book Seven Lessons in Leading People to Life Change.

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What Real People are Saying About Seven Lessons

“When you finish reading this book your motivation and inspiration to evangelize will come back. Ricky Jones has a gift of telling stories and sharing lessons that will inspire regardless of where you are spiritually. His teachings are easy to understand and he gives you all the tools you need to evangelize with love and to bring people closer to God. I guarantee that as soon as you finish reading this book you will want to go out and change the world. If you are a leader in any group or ministry this book is a must read.”

Andrés Aguirre

“This book is a magnificent manual for those leaders in the Church who are struggling to help their flock grow. The simplicity and easy reading in this book makes it very simple to follow. It is the perfect guide for discernment for those who have just experienced a retreat and want to volunteer in their parish. It will be the perfect candle to start a new fire for those leaders who have lost their flames. And for sure, this book will be beneficial to even those natural born leaders who have mastered their leadership skills in the religious field. They too will pick up a few tips to refresh their tactics and empower others in their parish.”

Deysi Juarez

“This book may be small in size, but within its pages it carries a message of great magnitude. The Seven Lessons are written with spiritual insight that I can relate too. The book provoked me to move, to search, to fulfill. The book, along with the workshops, awakened a part of my spirituality that lay dormant. My God vision had become fuzzy and blurred, and the Seven Lessons brought the clarity back to my eyes, my heart, and my spirit.”

Patty Chaidez

“Learning about the Seven Lessons, awoke in me many gifts from God that had been dormant. I have re- committed myself to sharing God’s word and to leading a life that is centered on service to others. Our lives have a compounding effect, that is, our action or inaction effects others greatly. We should apply the simple lessons in this book to lead ourselves back to the level of service that God calls us to, that is, to lead people to Him. I am only one man, however, the seeds that I can plant in others can bear much fruit. I urge you to read this book, apply it to your life, and with God’s grace we will share His love for all people who choose to know Him.”

Paul Carrasco

“Reading Ricky’s book and attending his workshop made us realize that leading people to life change is not really that difficult. It taught us how to be better role models in leading other brothers and sisters to get closer to God. We learned how to put it into practice by opening up to others. We are truly blessed and thankful we had the opportunity to share this with Ricky.”

Maricela & Rafael Sanchez

“I really enjoyed reading this book! I have to say I learned alot. These simple lessons can make such a difference in our daily lives, and I think that is how we change the world—by our behavior, and how we react to others, or to our own circumstances.”

Laurie Serrano

“We are called to evangelize. But if you are someone like me that does not see yourself as a leader, then this is the book for you. Ricky Jones presents the lessons in such a simple, but meaningful way that I was motivated to practice them. After reading and taking the workshop ‘evangelize’ or ‘leading people to life change’ did not seem so scary.”

Dianne Villalobos

“My experience reading this book was amazing! Little did I know that this book was going to change my life and my relationship with God. This book gave me that extra push to look forward to doing more for myself and my relationship with my siblings. This book was more than Seven Lessons for me. It helped me grow in my relationship with God and to learn that I need to do much more for my family. This book was life-changing for me, no doubt about it.”

Maria Torres

“I enjoyed this book because it is easy to read and understand and it helped me to learn about my faith. It made me reflect on how I practice humility, prayer, patience, love, sacrifice, suffering and perseverance. I know that I will re-read your book again and again and I have my list of people that I pray will enter into a relationship with God.”

Leticia Arroliga

“Thank God for the gift of Mr. Ricky Jones to the Church. Oh! May the Holy Spirit guide you in this holy work of yours. Jesus said He will not lack shepherds to feed His sheep. You are among them.”

Fr. Switbert Mujuni

What are the Seven Lessons?

Lesson #1Humility

I almost took the pious road and put prayer as #1, but I think even before you start praying for God to change someone you should remember that it is not about you. As much as you want to help others you’ve got to do it for them, not because it makes you feel good or look good in God’s eyes or the eyes of the world.

Lesson #2Prayer

Prayer is not about changing God’s mind, but actually serves to change you. It helps you to enter into the mind and heart of God, relinquishing your desire for control and learning to depending totally on Him. He has a plan for everything and everyone, and through prayer you can learn to see His will and say with Jesus “not my will but yours be done” (Lk 22:42).

Lesson #3Patience

Having patience is very difficult, for we live in a society that demands instant gratification. When we don’t see results we give up. But let me warn you. If you haven’t learned from your own personal experience already, God likes to work slowly. His time is not the same as our time. Nevertheless, He knows each persons heart and never gives up on them. You’ve got to be patient, even when you feel like no change is ever going to happen. It’s often right after you’re about to call it quits that God finally seems to come to the rescue.

Lesson #4Love, Don’t Judge

The love we have received from God was given freely and unconditionally. You are in no position to judge who is worthy of that love. It is a direct contradiction of all that God has tried to teach you. Your love must be given freely to any and everyone who you encounter. You have to remember that it is God loving them through you. Everything you do must be done in love.

Lesson #5Sacrifice

When you are leading people to life change you will be forced to make sacrifices, some minor others very painful. It is a natural part of the process of dying to self. Love is a gift of self and that requires sacrifice. The most effective evangelizers are not just teachers and preachers, but those who bear witness by their lived example and sacrificial love for those they lead.

Lesson #6Suffering

You have to remember that though you are trying to lead people to God, He is also at work. And though it is hard to watch people suffer, especially those you love, it is often through their suffering that they return to God or find Him for the first time. Sometimes you’ve got to be willing to let suffering work its magic on their souls.

Lesson #7Perseverance

Don’t give up! Sometimes you may grow weary and think nothing is ever going to change. That’s the evil one trying to convince you to throw in the towel. How many times did the Israelites turn away from God? And how many times did He welcome them back? God never gives up on you, so why should you give up on those who you are trying to lead to Him?

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About the Author

My name is Ricky Jones and I’ve been writing about my faith since I entered the Catholic Church in 2008, primarily by way of my blog Leaders that Follow.


I am believer that small groups are the best way to grow in our faith. At my local parish I am currently serving as the Coordinator of Family Catechesis where we catechize young parents so they are equipped to go home and share their faith in a natural, organic way with their children.

Together with my wife, we founded a non-profit The ROCK Association to provide resources, training, and the construction of buildings for the purposes of faith formation to diocese around the world. We are currently in the middle of building a convent in Tanzania.

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