Life is Worth Living with Fulton Sheen

Over the course of Lent this year I featured a special series by the Venerable Fulton J. Sheen consisting of short talks he gave over the radio back in the late 1950's. Although we are no longer in Lent, I wanted to make this series available to you in it's entirety. Below you will find a list of all the episodes of the series in MP3 format to either listen to in your browser or download to your device.


The Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

The Venerable Fulton Sheen was one of the 19th centuries greatest preachers and evangelists. He pioneered the transmission of the faith over the airwaves by bringing the truth of the Gospel to masses by way of radio and television. We can only imagine what he would’ve been capable of with all the different forms of media we are blessed with today. In the 50′s Bishop Sheen broadcast a 50-part series of talks titled Life is Worth Living over the airways diving into the depths and richness of the Catholic faith. His teachings are timeless and profound while at the same time accessible to people of all levels of faith. And I’m bringing it all to you!

Listen and Learn!

Day 1: Conscience
Day 2: Good and Evil
Day 3: The Divine Invasion
Day 4: Line Up the Claimants
Day 5: Revealed Truth
Day 6: Miracles
Day 7: New Testament Revelation
Day 8: Why Did God Become Man?
Day 9: The Humanity of Christ
Day 10: The Blessed Trinity
Day 11: There’s Something About Mary
Day 12: What Do You Believe? [Part 1]
Day 13: What Do You Believe? [Part 2]
Day 14: What Do You Believe? [Part 3]
Day 15: The Holy Spirit
Day 16: What is the Church?
Day 17: Peter, the Vicar of Christ
Day 18: Who Has the Authority in the Church?
Day 19: Communism vs. Catholicism
Day 20: What are Angels?
Day 21: Original Sin
Day 22: The Effects of Original Sin
Day 23: Grace, Our Godsend
Day 24: Grace and the Sacraments
Day 25: Why Do We Need Baptism?
Day 26: Confirmation – Prepared for Mission, Equipped for Battle
Day 27: How Does God Feed Us?
Day 28: The Sacrifice of the Eucharist
Day 29: Why Mass is the Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do
Day 30: What’s the Big Deal with Sin?
Day 31: Confession, the Solution for Sin
Day 32: Two Kinds of Confession
Day 33: How a Christian Should Face Death
Day 34: Where Do We Get Priests?
Day 35: What Marriage Really Is
Day 36: Sex is a Mystery
Day 37: What’s the Big Deal with Birth Control?
Day 38: The Four Tensions of Love
Day 39: Marriage Problems
Day 40: The Ten Commandments [Part 1]
Day 41: The Ten Commandments [Part 2]
Day 42: The Law of Love
Day 43: Death and Judgement
Day 44: Purgatory
Day 45: Heaven is Not So Far Away
Day 46: The Hell There Is
Day 47: Womanhood in Religion
Day 48: Prayer is a Dialogue
Day 49: The World, the Soul, and Things


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