Dress to Impress

Getting the Wrong Attention

As you change, there is this internal voice that says, “Where are you going again?” “To church,” you respond. “Shouldn’t you wear a more decent outfit?” the voice says. In justification, you cut it off and say, “Hey, everyone says I look good in them.” Finally, you get out of the house and get to church. Then, as Mass proceeds, you feel uncomfortable and can’t concentrate. Many times, you need to pull your blouse up because it is showing too much. Then, you tell yourself, “What am I doing here? It is so boring and these guys just can’t stop staring at me!”

Holy Communion comes and you decide to go up and even more people are staring! Between your teeth and with a little annoyance you ask, “Gosh what are they looking at?” You kneel in meditation, an important time between you and Jesus, but because you can’t concentrate, you miss the opportunity to talk to Him. Mass is over and you rush your way out and tell yourself, “Finally!!!!”

Sound familiar? Scenarios like this occur if not in the hundreds maybe in the thousands. When going to church, many women dress inappropriately and indirectly, they get the wrong attention. The average woman who attends church spends thousands of dollars in clothing. Yet no one shops with church in mind. At the store, they spend countless hours looking through many garment racks to find that great piece. Then, they spend even more in the dressing room trying on item after item. Yet not even for a moment does God cross their mind. For a long time, they model in the mirror to make sure the item fits well but ultimately it must make them feel attractive. Some even dance and turn around and look over and over until they convince themselves that the piece is right. Finally, they purchase it.

The garment ends up in their closet and they wear it everywhere, even to church. Originally and most likely, these women buy their clothes with the sole purpose of wearing it to work or happy hour, to a party or a club, for a special date or just to hang out with friends. The occasions are endless. However, the garment they chose was never intended for church. Yet, because we are in a versatile society, the piece makes it to Mass.

Listen to Holy Spirit

How do we know when a garment is inappropriate to wear to church? First of all, listen to that interior voice that says, “It is not right.” The Holy Spirit is guiding you. Remember that we are all the temple of the Holy Spirit. We received it during our Baptism. Thus, we all have the great capacity to practice all of the virtues bestowed upon us. When it comes to selecting and wearing clothing the most important one is the Virtue of Modesty: the act of choosing to dress the body in a discrete manner.

Going back to the scenario, if you feel uncomfortable because it is too revealing, the virtue of Modesty is kicking in. Just listen. It is the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “If you were to go to a dinner at the President’s house, would you wear that?” You know the president is a very important man and you would want to be dressed for the occasion. You have probably heard the expression, “First impressions count!”

The Man of the Hour

In your life, going to Sunday Mass or any Mass is the most important event you can ever attend. The temple of God, your body, needs to be covered in a modest way that you are proud of and will be presentable to God. Yes, you are just going to church, but remember that Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people?” (Mark 12:17) Thus, your parish is a much more important place to visit than the White House. In that parish, The Host who waits for you is not the president. He is a million times more important. You are actually going to have an encounter with your Creator. Thus when you think you have nothing to wear, remember that you are going to be in the presence of the One who made you. Don’t disappoint Him. Show Him some reverence. Show Him that you care.

Don’t let your attire get in the way of experiencing true communion with God. Dress to impress!