Thrift Store Book Haul (VIDEO)

I love to read, but I usually don't buy new books. I buy most of my books at the thrift store. Each time we go to the thrift store I end up walking out with a bag or two of books for only a couple of bucks. So I wanted to share with you my latest haul.

The 10 Books

Why I Recommend Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart — John Eldredge

I’ve read four or five of his books and all of them have been life-changing. A lot of guys struggle in their faith, to live it out in practical ways, to really understand what it means to live in relationship with God. This books explains what that’s all about. It explains what we’ve lost as men and how to get it back.

I’ve given it out before and always get good feedback. Ladies get this book for the men in your life—husbands, fathers, brothers, etc. Guys, if you want to take seriously your relationship with God, this book is a must-read! It is written by John Eldredge who is one of my favorite Christian authors. It’s accessible. It’s profound. It’s powerful. It’s life-changing.

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Want a Better Way to Lead Your Friends and Family to God?

Do you have friends and family members who have left the Church, have turned their backs on God, and want nothing to do with their faith?

I do. And I’m sure you do too. So how do you get this message across to someone who doesn’t want to hear it? How do you share your faith with people in a way that will lead them to life change?

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